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Concealed Weapons Permit in Days—Not Weeks
October 5, 2009

Now you can get your concealed weapons permit in as little as five to six business days.

Beginning October 2009, individuals wanting a permit can apply in person at one of eight Department of Agriculture regional offices around the state—including one right here in Jacksonville. The state of Florida created this fast-track program in order to cut down on the backlog of the tens of thousands of permit applications they're currently processing.

Department of Agriculture Concealed Weapon Licensing FAQ:

List of regional offices:

Talk Radio for Law-Abiding Citizens
October 18, 2009

Gun owners have a voice on talk radio at Armed American Radio.

As their website states, "Armed American Radio is the most free-thinking, politically incorrect radio station in the U.S.A." Hosted by U.S. Concealed Carry Association charter member Mark Walters, AAR is the official radio program of the USCCA.

The show is not available on Jacksonville radio yet, but you can go to their website and listen live every Sunday night from 8 to 10 Eastern. You can also listen anytime by downloading podcasts.

Armed American Radio website: