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All you need to bring to the class is cash, a photo ID and a good attitude. Everything else is provided by the instructor. DO NOT BRING A FIREARM TO THE CLASS. See the calendar page for pricing and dates.



Do I need to bring my gun to class?
No, DO NOT BRING A FIREARM TO CLASS. All you need to bring is a photo ID. All class materials are provided by the instructor.


How old do I have to be to get a concealed weapons permit?
You must be 21 in order to obtain a concealed weapons permit. However, at age 18 you may be in possession of a handgun but please educate yourself on the laws (ie carrying in a vehicle) to help protect yourself.


Do I need a permit to carry a handgun in my vehicle?
No, but there are many myths and misunderstandings regarding how you may carry a handgun in a vehicle. Please educate yourself on the law.


Do other states honor my concealed weapons permit?
Yes, thirty other states honor you permit, but keep in mind their state laws apply.


How long is my permit good for?
The permit is good for seven years and must be renewed at the end of that period. Renewal is a simple process of fee payment and provision of an updated photo. No additional class is required.


Will this class substitute for a Hunter's Education Course?
No, the concealed carry course is not designed to be a substitute for a Hunter's Education Course.


How do I sign up for the class?
Simply call (904) 759-1564