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We now offer an expanded calendar of class dates conveniently held
 only minutes from downtown Jacksonville.


We also offer private classes held in the privacy of your own home(Min amount of students required)

Welcome to Jacksonville Concealed Carry!

All too often, honest, law-abiding citizens become victimized and ultimately place their freedom in jeopardy, simply because they didn't know the law. There is a distinct difference between a law breaker and a criminal. We all inadvertently break the law at one time or another, but we are not all criminals.

A criminal knows the situation he is entering and is not caught off guard by the crime. The victim, on the other hand, is at a distinct disadvantage because he or she does not know that they are about to become a victim. In order to equalize the situation, the victim needs to understand the rights they have as they attempt to defend themselves and their families.

Jacksonville Concealed Carry can provide you the required training and certification needed to obtain your Florida Concealed Weapons Permit, which is also honored by 32 other states in the U.S. Click here to view states.

Please navigate the options on the left for further information about how you can protect yourself. See the calendar page for pricing and dates.